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Affordability, Adaptability, and Compassion: Today’s Essential Cremation Industry.

    If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

    About Cypress Pointe Cremation Business

    Ready to become part of a brand that makes professional and compassionate death-care services our daily business, with a franchise model and concept dedicated to providing clients with modern, affordable options during a difficult time?

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      If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation has built a brand centered around flexible client care, and a business approach that keeps the focus on mobility and adaptability in a changing industry. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each client, and that’s helped us set the tone for the future of our brand.

      We believe that everyone should have the chance to commemorate their loved one and celebrate that person’s life, and we’ve designed our care to help them do so while keeping costs reasonable and within reach of all who come to us for their death-care needs.

      Simple, affordable cremation options

      without expensive add-ons

      Dignified and skilled

      care for each client we serve

      Experienced franchise team

      standing behind our owners

      A cutting-edge business approach

      designed for modern operations

      At Cypress Pointe Cremation, we have a vision for a new kind of death-care franchise, one that changes with the times and can provide clients with expanded options, reduced costs, and ethical care. It’s a modern take on the business, and it’s aided our development as a brand.

      Quality Care, Reasonable Pricing


      Dealing with a loved one’s death can add to a person’s stress and worries, and few people want to increase those issues by having to navigate and pay for costly funeral arrangements.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation recognizes the need for affordable alternatives to traditional death care, and we’ve dedicated our franchise to developing them. Our business is designed to maintain the high standards our clients have come to expect from us while delivering superior care at a price point they can manage.

      When a client comes to us to assist them with their death-care concerns, they place their trust in us to give them top-quality service at a fair cost. We take that responsibility to heart.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation has built our business around the notion that saying goodbye to a loved one shouldn’t have to come with an overwhelming financial burden. That conviction is at the core of our brand and has made a client favorite wherever we open our doors.


      Meet Our Founder


      Cypress Pointe Cremation was created to serve a growing need in the market and to offer clients a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional funeral services. It’s a belief our founder and CEO, Joseph Kalmer has developed over his years in the industry.

      Joe spent his career in death care, and he quickly saw that there was a demand for additional options beyond the usual expensive and time-sensitive funeral services. When he started his first funeral home and cremation business in 2010, he began to put his plans into action.

      Joe’s next step was to merge his business with American Mortuary and Cremation Service 2014. The two brands combined to form Cypress Pointe Cremation and our franchise was born.

      Today, Cypress Pointe Cremation is an affordable and professional death-care option for clients across St. Louis and beyond. We have a vision for the industry and a franchise model built for today’s modern marketplace.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation CEO Joe Kalmer had a vision for a new deathcare alternative, and turned it into reality.

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      At Cypress Pointe Cremation, we’re expanding into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to come along with us as we grow.

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