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    If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

    Cypress Pointe Cremation Business Franchise Support

    At Cypress Pointe Cremation, we regard our owners as the heart of our franchise. They’re the face of our brand and the life of the operation and are critical to our continued expansion and growing leadership role in the industry.

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      If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

      Our owners are key members of the Cypress Pointe family, and their development is critical to our ongoing brand growth. We know how essential our franchise owners are to our business, and we’ve created a comprehensive and evolving support structure to get them the assistance they need, whenever they need it.

      When a new owner joins our team, they get access to our accumulated skill, experience, and vision. We’re in it with them for the long haul, and we work every day to make sure they know that they’re never alone when they run a Cypress Pointe Cremation franchise.

      We believe in our owners and are dedicated to helping them take on each day with confidence. It’s all part of business as usual at Cypress Pointe.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation backs up our owners with robust support.

      Robust, Meaningful Support


      Cypress Pointe Cremation’s support starts as soon as you reach out to us to get more information, and we keep it going strong day in and day out from then on. Here’s just a little of the assistance you can plan on receiving when you own a franchise with us.

      Onboarding aid

      with paperwork, real estate, and territory, including exclusivity guarantees to help make sure your business gets up and established without having to worry about intra-brand competition

      Ease of entry

      is designed to help anyone who has the ability and drive to become an owner with us, and onboarding costs are developed with the aim of keeping owner costs manageable and within reach of as wide a pool of future owners as we can reach

      Setup and build-out

      for your location, with an experienced and responsive build team at your call to assist with inventory, décor, and any other startup concerns that you or your staff might have

      Exclusive training

      in Cypress Pointe Cremation’s services for you and your staff before opening, so that you can start serving clientele and making a name for the brand in your community as soon as possible

      Scalable business model

      geared for long-term expansion in the larger industry, and built to stay nimble and flexible in the contemporary marketplace, with all the tools our owners need for growth

      Marketing and social media campaigns

      are available to you to help you raise your local and digital profile and to assist you with getting the word out in your community about your franchise

      Onsite support

      from our franchise team for your Grand Opening, to help ensure that everything goes smoothly and to address any issues or concerns that might arise along the way

      Ongoing assistance

      that’s ready to step in and lend a hand whenever it’s called for, no matter the problem and regardless of when the issue occurs


      Become a Franchise Owner with Cypress Pointe Cremation

      Cypress Pointe Franchise has created a new kind of death-care franchise that keeps affordability and mobility in focus at all times. It’s a client-first approach to our work, and it’s helped give us direction and energy for the future.

      We’re on the move into new territories again, and we’re on the lookout for potential owners to come with us.

      Want to learn more? Contact us today!