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    If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

    Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise – Frequently Asked Questions

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      If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

      How much does a franchise with Cypress Pointe Cremation cost?

      Each person’s needs and expenses depend on their individual situation, including state and local regulations, location, market, and other critical factors, but you should expect to invest $96,525 to $287,175 to get your location established with us.

      Is financing available?

      We do not work directly with owners to set up the financing, but we may refer you to suitable financing sources on a case-by-case basis.

      Can I convert my independent cremation business to a Cypress Pointe franchise?

      Yes! We want to make brand ownership available to anyone who has an interest in the business, and are happy to work with existing independent owners to convert them to our brand and have them start working with our team. Talk to us today!

      What’s the Cypress Pointe Cremation company culture like?

      We’re a brand that was founded to challenge the traditional funeral-home model. That sense of disruption and energy is built into our DNA and keeps us moving ahead and looking toward the future of the business.

      What kind of training do I get when I sign with Cypress Pointe Cremation?

      Every franchise owner gets one-on-one training at one of our flagship locations and learns how we operate with hands-on instruction and guidance. We also provide onsite and ongoing training for you and your staff.

      What experience are you looking for in your franchise owners?

      Cypress Pointe Cremation has established and maintains a reputation for professionalism and quality at affordable prices, and that starts with the people who run our business. We are looking for future owners who have prior experience in the industry, and who are interested in shaking up the traditional approach to death care.

      How easy is it to grow my business at Cypress Pointe Cremation?

      We’ve got big plans for the future of our brand, and we’ve structured our franchise model with expansion in mind. Our operations are designed to scale with ease and to give owners the tools for growth.

      What kind of support do you provide after I open for business?

      When a new franchise owner signs with us, they become our brand partners and a member of our family, and that’s how we treat them. We deliver robust and continuing support to our owners and make sure they know that they’re never by themselves when they operate one of our locations, with spot visits and a team of experts ready to lend a hand.

      How can I get started?

      We’re ready to help you take your first steps toward franchise ownership. We provide you with assistance with selecting your site and territory, building your location, and getting it outfitted and staffed ahead of your opening day. It’s all part of the Cypress Pointe experience.

      Own a Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise

      Cypress Pointe Cremation is on a mission to reshape the death-care industry, give our clients compassionate and affordable care, and help our owners build a franchise designed for expansion. We’re preparing to bring our brand to new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us.

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