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Affordability, Adaptability, and Compassion: Today’s Essential Cremation Industry.

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    Flexibility and Mobility: The Future of the Modern Funeral Business

    The funeral business can be a fantastic option for potential franchise owners looking to join an industry with growth potential. The field has seen steady growth for years, and it’s expected to continue that expansion in the future.

    Much of that growth is due to the emerging dominance of cremation as a primary service. A prospective owner who makes cremation their focus has added resilience and vision in a market that seeks out precisely those qualities in a funeral business.

    Cremation gives your business the tools for growth
    It also adds flexibility to your brand
    A cremation-focused business can reduce costs
    How to get started

    1. Focus on Cremation to Give Your Funeral Business the Tools for Growth

    When considering how to get into the funeral business, looking at the big picture is essential. An excellent way to start is by reviewing the industry and asking which services are popular with clients and are expected to remain so in the years ahead.

    This approach can be eye-opening for future owners and point them toward the brand best prepared for growth.

    A Growing Force in the Industry

    Even a quick review of the funeral industry reveals some clear indicators for the business’s future and can show potential owners the potential of cremation as a growth driver. Over the past few decades, cremation has become the leading death care option for clients nationwide.

    That trend is expected to continue in the future. Cremation has become the clear favorite for modern Americans and is in tune with their needs.

    2. Cremation Adds Flexibility to Your Funeral Business

    A hallmark of modern life is the increasingly crowded schedule. Today’s clients are on the move more than ever before, and their lives are packed with obligations and demands that can sometimes force them to make sacrifices or skip cherished events.

    A funeral business specializing in cremation is designed with these types of clients squarely in mind. It can work with their schedule and has flexibility in scheduling, which is not often available with traditional burial care.

    Services When and Where the Loved Ones Choose, Not the State

    Traditional burial services are strictly regulated and controlled. Burial must be completed within a specific timeframe, and that schedule doesn’t shift to accommodate loved ones’ busy lives and competing responsibilities.

    Cremation doesn’t have the same requirements. Services can be held when it’s most convenient for the loved ones, and more than one service can take place to allow people in different parts of the world to say goodbye to their friend or family member, no matter where they might be.

    3. A Cremation-Focused Funeral Business Can Reduce Costs for Both Owner and Clients

    Death care costs have continued to climb in recent years. A family who wants to give their loved one the farewell they deserve can expect to pay almost $8,000 for a funeral with burial, which can place services out of reach for some families.

    Cremation offers a lower-cost alternative that can be an ideal solution for clients and give them dignified, affordable funeral options. It also helps keep owner costs under control and allows them to focus the brand on growth.

    Lower Equipment Expenses and Reduced Service Costs

    Cremation can save clients money and open up their options. The mean cost of a funeral with cremation runs about $1,000 less than burial, and more essential services can be many thousands less.

    Franchise owners can save by centering their business on cremation as well. They have lower real-estate needs, and they don’t have to have to buy and maintain the same amount of equipment as a burial-focused brand.

    4. Here’s How to Start a Funeral Business

    With cremation offering clients and owners a more customized and cost-managed experience, this could be the right time to join the funeral industry as an owner. So, how do you get started?

    Begin by reviewing the brands. Dig into the franchises’ documentation to learn about their business model and approach to funeral care, and pay close attention to their plans for the future.

    Look for a Brand that Gives You the Assistance and Support You Need

    Pick a franchise that specializes in cremation to place your business in a favorable spot for the future, and zoom in on brand support.

    Make sure the franchise provides its owners with thorough, ongoing support from day one — having an experienced team on your side can be invaluable throughout the franchising process. Take your time, and be patient until you find the brand that works best for you.

    Become a Funeral Business Owner with Cypress Pointe Cremation!

    The funeral industry is growing, and Cypress Pointe Cremation is leading the way.

    We’re a cremation-focused funeral brand that makes honest, ethical, affordable care our mission. It’s helped us grow into an industry force and aided us as we prepare to expand our franchise into new territories.

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