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Affordability, Adaptability, and Compassion: Today’s Essential Cremation Industry.

    If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

    Start a Funeral Business with Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise Opportunity

    Start a Funeral Business with Cypress Pointe Cremation – Your Premier Choice for Affordable Death-Care Options for Clients Everywhere We Operate. Explore Our Experienced Franchise Team’s Commitment to Compassionate Support, Making Our Services Accessible to Every Client

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      If NO, please visit The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards website.

      In our busy, on-the-move modern world, brands need to stay on top of industry developments and offer people choice, flexibility, and adaptability. We’ve built our franchise with those objectives in mind.

      We give our clients the opportunity to celebrate their loved ones’ lives with dignity and compassion and provide them with affordable quality care at every step of their journey with us. Cypress Pointe Cremation is aligned with the times, and that’s helping us lead the industry into tomorrow.

      An Expanding Business, and Brand

      Cypress Pointe Cremation is positioned for future expansion in an industry that’s essential to this country. Death care is an in-demand service no matter the economic conditions, and reaches a large and growing market.

      1. Years of Growth

      Funeral care in the U.S. has seen steady development for years alongside a growing population, as more and more clients find themselves in search of quality assistance to help them deal with a death in the family. And the years ahead are expected to see additional expansion as that population continues to age.

      2. A Developing Service

      Cremation services are a significant portion of that industry growth, as family units expand into country-wide and even global networks, and mobility, flexibility, and affordability concerns become decision drivers. The business has become one of the fastest-growing aspects of death care and has seen a combined annual growth rate of more than 6.3% across the past five years.

      3. Cremation Care’s Increasing Industry Dominance

      Cremation as a choice is building in popularity, and it has become a preferred option for many death-care clients in recent years. The potential advantages people often find as part of this kind of care compared to traditional funeral services have led to almost 57% of clients opting for cremation today, with continued dominance projected for the coming years

      The Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise Model


      At Cypress Pointe Cremation, we’ve developed our business to deliver much-needed services to a growing pool of clientele, with a franchise model fine-tuned to meet both their needs and those of our franchise owners. We have the expertise and experience to create the brand our clients deserve, and a scalable business plan designed for an evolving marketplace.

      Cypress Pointe Cremation built our franchise for growth in today’s commercial landscape, and we’re dedicated to the owners and staff who keep us moving forward.

      Become a Franchise Owner with
      Cypress Pointe Cremation

      Cypress Pointe Cremation has become a leading name across the industry as a brand with a vision and a road map for what’s next. We’re ready to establish a new, modern model for the cremation business, and we’re looking for potential owners to grow with us as we look to expand into new markets.

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