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Affordability, Adaptability, and Compassion: Today’s Essential Cremation Industry.

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    Why Own a Cremation Franchise?

    Death care is an essential service that every family will need at some point, and that can make owning a cremation franchise a wise option. It places future crematorium franchise owners in the middle of a dynamic and changing business, and it helps them deliver comfort and care to people who could benefit from dedication and ethical support during a difficult time.

    • A growing market for services
    • Cremation is the most popular choice in the U.S.
    • A wider pool of potential clients
    • Lower initial and ongoing costs than traditional death care

    Becoming a cremation franchise owner can be the right move for those who want to make a difference in their clients’ lives while guiding the industry into the future.

    1. A Cremation Franchise Places Owners in a Growing Market

    The U.S. has seen steady population growth for centuries, with more people calling the nation their home every year. Each new generation is born into a country on an upward population trend, and the pace is expected to continue over at least the next few decades and likely beyond.

    As those numbers increase, the need for all services also increases. That includes death care — the business has grown from a niche field to a rising powerhouse industry.

    Continued Growth for Years to Come

    The death care industry has become a business to watch. It serves an annual market of more than $19 billion, and it has a presence in every community, large and small, nationwide.

    Those figures are projected to continue expanding over the next decade. Death care is big business now, and a cremation franchise can position new owners in the heart of the industry and allow them to develop their brand as demand grows.

    2. The Cremation Franchise Has Become America’s Preferred Option

    For most of the country’s history, traditional graveside services and burial have been the most popular choice for families wishing farewell to their loved ones. But the price of a funeral that includes a viewing and burial has increased over the years, with the current median cost approaching $10,000.

    That kind of cost has changed death care habits for many people. The burial-services rate has been declining for almost two decades as more and more families embrace cremation as a reasonable and more affordable alternative.

    Steady Expansion at an Increasing Rate

    As fewer clients opt to go with traditional burials, the cremation franchise industry has grown exponentially in cities and towns across the country.

    In just the past decade, cremation has moved from being the choice of 45% of families and is now the dominant form of death care, with a market share of more than 57%. That growth is expected to accelerate over the next five years and should see more than two out of three clients choose cremation over burial.



    3. More Convenience and a Wider Pool of Potential Clients

    Death care can, at its best, be a stressful and trying period for families who want dignified options that allow them to grieve their loved ones properly. When they choose burial services, they can expose themselves to added issues that may add to their burdens.

    In addition to increased costs, local, state, and federal laws tightly regulate burial care in most areas. Services often have to take place within a week or two of a loved one’s death, and delays and other concerns may not be able to be accommodated.

    Simplified, Flexible Cremation Franchise Services in Tune with Client Needs: Elevating the Standard of Compassionate Care

    Owning a cremation franchise means providing families with a broader and more obliging set of options that can adjust to their needs. Cremation allows for multiple services wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for family and friends, adding mobility to the process.

    Those increased options and the lower average cremation service cost can expand a brand’s client base. It’s a more modern and affordable option that can appeal to a broader range of families.

    4. A Cremation Franchise Helps Keep Owner Costs Lower

    A franchise owner starting a funeral care business can see expenses add up. Embalming and preparation equipment, land for burial plots, and inventory costs are all part of a franchise focusing on traditional burial.

    Becoming the owner of a cremation brand can help reduce initial and ongoing costs and be a kinder option for the environment.

    A Reduced Financial and Environmental Footprint

    A cremation business shares some of the same expenses as a burial-centered franchise, but they don’t have to deal with as many concerns regarding large-budget items. Casket inventory and excessive land requirements aren’t an issue, and many costs can be managed with the help of a well-designed franchise model.

    Also, cremation’s small footprint and reduced environmental pressure help keep owners on the right side of the green economy. It’s good business and the right way to run a franchise in today’s increasingly ecologically focused world.



    Become a Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise Owner!

    Death care is a growing part of the American business landscape, and cremation is becoming a leading force that shapes the industry. We’re part of that change at Cypress Pointe Cremation.

    We’ve developed a franchise approach centered on owner growth and responsible, low-cost client care, and it’s helped make us a brand with potential. We believe in supporting our owners from day one with flexible franchise plans and expert guidance at every step.

    Want more details on Cypress Pointe Cremation? Contact us today!


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